Mobile Connect – An integrated mHealth intervention to address unsafe abortion among female sex workers in Vietnam

  Center for Promotion of Advancement of Society             Vietnam

Despite abortion being legally available in Vietnam, female sex workers face significant barriers to accessing services due to the illegality of sex work, stigma, discrimination by service providers, and lack of information. Mobile Connect will use a theory-driven, interactive short messaging services (SMS) enhanced by tele-counseling to reach 500 female sex workers and deliver sexual reproductive health education with a focus on unwanted pregnancy, safe abortion, and stigma reduction, and connect women to safe services. In addition, peer educators will be recruited and trained who then identify and enroll women into the project, providing peer education and counseling and referring women to specialist abortion counseling and services when needed. The innovation will also develop and test digital counseling tools for providers to assess medical eligibility of abortion seekers, provide advice and schedule clinic visits, which will be followed by friendly abortion services and post-abortion care.