Medical abortion via telemedicine for women and adolescents in rural Moldova: breaking barriers with technology

  Reproductive Health Training Center                  Moldova

Women and girls in Moldova, especially those in rural areas, must travel to regional medical centres to obtain an abortion from a certified gynecologist. This creates barriers to accessing safe abortion that disproportionately affect poor women and girls, through loss of wages due to missed work and accrued costs due to transportation. This innovation is a novel service delivery model that allows self-management of medical abortion (MA) with remote guidance from a provider. After confirming their pregnancy, women seeking MA will receive counselling from an obstetrician/gynecologist via a videoconference and will subsequently obtain the necessary medication at a participating pharmacy. Follow-up will occur 1-2 weeks later via phone/videoconference (with referral to a doctor if necessary) to confirm MA success and assess the patient’s and provider’s satisfaction with the service. We hope to demonstrate the feasibility, effectiveness and acceptability of telemedicine MA services in Moldova so that it can thus be integrated into the national public healthcare system. As a result, this project will serve as a model that could be adapted and implemented in nearby countries within the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region