Increasing early access to SRHR through rights-based user centred…

Increasing early access to SRHR through rights-based user centred approaches at the community level

  The Population Council            Kenya

The Population Council’s innovation increases early access to quality sexual and reproductive health services and rights through rights-based user centered approaches at the community level.



Validation of a novel device for the provision of humane pain control during manual vacuum aspiration

  Nyanza Reproductive Health Society                 Kenya

Nyanza Reproductive Health Society’s innovation is a novel, reusable, low-cost syringe extension device (Chloe SED) that provides pain relief during Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA). This device enables the provision of local anesthesia to a woman’s uterus and cervix, and is easy to sterilize even in austere clinical settings. A trial with 210 women seeking MVA will determine whether the pain control from this device is better or equal to the currently used spinal needles. Women will be consulted when developing pain control protocols to ensure the product meets their needs and preferences.  Based on the results of the trial, the prototype will be refined in preparation for pre-market clearance and scale up.



Win-Win Innovation

  University of Nairobi                  Kenya

The Win-Win innovation assesses unproven herbal decoctions provided for abortion by traditional herbalists in Kenya to discover novel molecules that can potentially be developed into a next generation pregnancy termination medication. These herbal remedies, decoctions and their molecules, will be tested for their ability to induce safe abortion using an array of scientific methods, while comparing them to the performance of current abortion medications. To complement laboratory research, a behaviour change communication intervention will be implemented to educate women and girls in rural Kenya about the risks of using these decoctions while steering them towards safe and legal abortion care services. Herbalists are also sensitized to the potential harmful effects of their products and the need to refer clients to evidence-based abortion care.



The ‘SAFE NEST’ PROJECT- “Enabling Safe Self-Managed Abortion for Transgender Youth through facebook messenger bot”

  Women Promotion Centre                 Kenya

Women Promotion Centre uses technology to facilitate abortion service delivery for transgender youth. Through a secure online platform called Safe Nest, the innovation provides safe, non-judgmental, self-managed abortion services and information. Trained volunteer Trans* Connectors work hand-in-hand with service providers to create awareness and provide referrals and direct distribution of medical abortion medications. After youth’s self-managed abortion, medical personnel follow up with them remotely to ensure that the treatment was successful. Additionally, Trans* Connectors refer youth to trans youth-friendly providers of other reproductive health services.



HER VOICE: Augmenting vulnerable Kenyan girls and women with disability access to safe abortion services through a disability friendly mobile outreach model and home based support services

  Women Spaces Africa               Kenya

Women Spaces Africa develops and tests an outreach strategy that trains community health workers with disabilities in Nairobi to become peer educators. The peer educators will conduct community outreach and home visits to women and girls with disabilities and will engage the women and girls in training on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), specifically medical abortion. The training will also integrate economic empowerment skills, and group lending will be established to support income-generating activities. Furthermore, the women and girls with disabilities will design materials for a disability-friendly text hotline and braille educational communication materials on medical abortion and SRHR. These materials will be distributed to resource centers for people with disabilities, and health care providers will also be trained on disability-friendly medical abortion.