Medicinal Plants with Abortifacient Activity from Ayurvedic Medicine

   RoshniAgriBiotech                       India

Traditional medicinal plants and herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine have been used for many gynaecological disorders for thousands of years, but scientific evidence on their pharmacological properties is lacking. The ultimate objective of this project is to develop a pill from medicinal plants that are scientifically validated using modern biological approaches and cost effective for marginalized rural women. During the project period, the team will do a review of the literature to identify medicinal plants used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine with potential to induce abortions. The use of these plants as abortifacients will be further assessed by interviewing folk medicine practitioners, and a shortlist of the five most promising candidates will be investigated for their biological, pharmacological and chemical properties. Standardized extracts of these plants will be taken to generate chemical phenotypes and carry out detailed chemical fingerprinting using various chromatography techniques. Plants showing potential abortifacient properties will be further tested in laboratory animals.



Medical Abortions on Outreach

  Marie Stopes International                    India

In rural India, there is a huge gap in demand for abortion services and qualified providers. This is due to a lack of accessible, economical and safe abortion services in the public sector, coupled with lack of information and awareness on the subject. To bridge this gap, Foundation for Reproductive Health Services India will provide accessible, affordable and quality safe abortion services in Ajmer and Jaipur districts of Rajasthan. The services will be delivered through the Clinical Outreach Team (COT model) to reach the most underserved and vulnerable. The COT teams are operated by a team of surgeons, nurses and counsellors who are already trained and equipped to deliver safe abortion services. The teams working on this project are already offering safe abortion services in FRHS India clinics. Women who wish to terminate their pregnancy will be counselled and provided with a choice of safe abortion services and post-abortion contraception. We will not only reach the women who are ineligible for FP services due to on-going pregnancy, but also the women in the larger community who need these services, besides increasing the general awareness of the community regarding safe abortion. The project team, in collaboration with the Department of Health, will develop protocols for provision of safe abortion in outreach and equip two of the existing COTs for safe abortion service provision in public healthcare facilities. The team will also seek to improve accredited social health activists’ knowledge on abortion and provide tools to communicate effectively with women in their communities. Additionally, women in the community around Jaipur and Ajmer would benefit from the project as they will be reached with information of the services, their awareness on legality of abortion would also witness a substantial growth.