Addressing barriers to young people access to MR/PAC services and De-stigmatizing Uterine Evacuation/Post Abortion Care (PAC)

  Rahnuma – Family Planning Association of Pakistan                     Pakistan

Young people in Pakistan face significant barriers and stigma when seeking uterine evacuation/post abortion care (PAC). This innovation will provide menstrual regulation and post-abortion care services to clients at five functional clinics based in semi-urban areas of Karachi and through monthly mobile camps. The clinics will provide safe uterine evacuation/post abortion care (PAC) services to women and girls, including pre- and post- counseling, medical and surgical uterine evacuation, treatment of complications, and post-abortion contraceptive services. Service providers at the clinics will be trained on value clarification and attitude transformation (VCAT) and de-stigmatization. In addition, the innovation will reduce stigma related to these services through active engagement of community members. Training workshops of youth peer educators will be held on VCAT and de-stigmatization. The trained youth peer educators will then organize sensitization sessions with local youth and sensitization sessions with community members.