Mifepristone 50 mg as a Contraceptive

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Key to addressing unmet contraceptive need in the developing world is the development of on-demand contraceptives without the side-effects and health risks associated with hormonal methods. Mifepristone 50 mg, a once-a-week non-hormonal contraceptive that is also effective as a morning-after pill and to induce early abortion, is an exciting new option for fertility regulation. This project is a phase III multicenter double-blind randomized non-inferiority trial in Georgia comparing the contraceptive use of weekly mifepristone 50 mg with daily desogestrel 0.075 mg. Trial objectives are to establish the efficacy, safety and side-effects of mifepristone 50 mg as a weekly contraceptive. The long-term goal of the project is to register and market mifepristone 50 mg as a contraceptive and to have this indication included on the World Health Organization Essential Medicines List.