“Las Warmis”: ICT and audio technology innovation to enhance women’s access to safe information on medical abortion

  Colectiva por la Libre Información para las Mujeres                    Peru

Peruvian women have limited access to safe, reliable, de-medicalised and understandable information about medical abortion. Complementary to the safe abortion hotline that the project team operates, this innovation will further de-stigmatize and de-medicalize access to information by developing and testing a feminist audio collective focused on safe abortion. Seven-day audio collective workshops will be held in three regions with women from local grassroots organizations to be trained in audio production content. Additionally, the Colectiva will develop short testimony-based radionovelas, short audio messages and 30-minutes talk show programmes. All recordings will be available on the internet and Spotify, and will be shared free-of-charge through WhatsApp and Telegram groups.