Archived Requests for Proposals

Archived RFPs

The Options for Pregnancy Termination (OPTions) Innovation Initiative Request for Proposals is now closed. The deadline to submit a proposal was February 12, 2019 at 3:00 pm (ET). A sincere thank you to all who have submitted a proposal. Please stay tuned for updates.  

The OPTions Initiative seeks innovative and transformative ideas that have potential to improve access to safe abortion in low- and middle-income countries where there are one or more legal grounds to support it. These ideas could originate from innovators worldwide and across a wide range of disciplines. We are seeking innovations that:

  • Increase access to existing abortion products and services for women and girls who have chosen to terminate their pregnancy.
  • Develop and test new methods of pregnancy termination that are an improvement over existing methods.

Request for Proposals (12 November 2018)
Frequently Asked Questions
OPTions Initiative Webinar (24 January 2019)

Demande de propositions (12 Novembre 2018)
La Foire aux questions (FAQ)

Request for Proposals – Arabic (14 December 2018)
Request for Proposals – Spanish (14 December 2018)
Request for Proposals – Swahili (14 December 2018)